The Top 11 Reasons People Move

Jul 9, 2015

Why do people move? Our grandparents may have stayed in their home for 30 or more years, but times are changing. On average, American homeowners sell and move every five to seven years. Every family is different and reasons for buying and selling vary, but here is a summary of the top 11 reasons people are on the move.

1. Too close for comfort –
Tired of waiting in line for the bathroom? You are not alone. One of the top reasons for selling your home is to move up to a larger home to accommodate a growing family, especially when your kids become teenagers and need their own bedrooms and hang out areas.

2. Empty Nest.  Your children are off to college and empty rooms surround you. Another reason you just sick and tired of the upkeep of a big home. Our clients often tell us they are ready to move when their children are grown because they have too much house.  Downsizing is a great reason to sell now.

3. Change of scenery. Do you live in a cold climate and dream about living where it’s 72 degrees year round? Or do you live inland and dream of living close to the beach? Now is a great time to move to your ideal location and start living the dream.

4. New relationship. The cute condo you picked out for yourself may be a little too cozy for two. Or the family home just isn’t your new spouse’s taste. Getting married or living with your significant other is a common reason to sell and move to a home that you pick out together.

5. Moving on up. You just landed that big promotion and you find yourself glancing at design magazines and craving a state of the art kitchen or bath. Then it’s the time to sell and purchase that dream home with the latest bells and whistles like kitchens with dual ovens, and master suites with enclosed steam showers.

6. Retirement. Can you do everything you want to do when you retire in your current location?  If not it may be time to sell and look for a place where you can golf, play tennis, stroll on the beach and hang out with the grandkids.

7. Bills to pay. Is your hefty mortgage stressing you out? Moving from an expensive area to a more affordable community may give you the peace of mind that you need. And alleviate the stress you feel every month while you are paying off the bills.

8. Neighborhood is changing. Are you up all night due your neighbor’s dog barking or loud parties on your street? Do police sirens keep you awake at night? If you are not enjoying your neighborhood any more it may be time to move.

9. Shorter commute. If you are spending more time in the car then with your family, it may be time to move. Moving closer to work is an excellent reason to pack it up and settle down in a place where you won’t have to dread the daily commute.

10. DIY is getting old. Are you spending your weekends at the home improvement store? Are your honey do lists getting longer and longer? Are you tired of taking care of your massive yard? Then it’s probably time to move to a low maintenance home where you can spend your weekends relaxing instead of putting on your tool belt and tackling chores.

11. Cashing out. After years of paying your mortgage and maintaining your home, you’ve built up some serious equity. Are your ready to move tat money into your cash and investment accounts? Selling and moving into a less expensive home can allow you to use that equity in many other ways.

Are you considering a move? Or do you have questions about the real estate market in your neighborhood? Give us a call 619.980.2738 or 619.851.4084 – We would love to help!

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