Catherine M

Feb 15, 2021

WE LOVE MICHELLE. We chose Michelle because of a story we heard about her from a friend who used her. Short version is that the last time we bought a home we felt like our agent didn’t really fight for us, and our friend, who bought a house at the same time we had, shared how Michelle really worked so hard to get them into a home. As we decided to sell that home and upgrade to a new one, we immediately called Michelle. She worked so hard for us, she called on any house we asked her to call about, she followed up on homes we’d lost out on to see if the buyer had fallen through… She just was always there clearly working hard to help us find a home. As we sold ours and realized we needed to move in to an apt while we continued our search, in all our high stress Michelle was calm and kept us grounded. She has become part of our family and now that we have a home, we honestly miss her! She gives off a great vibe, works hard, understands how to manage her client’s stress, and is clearly very experienced. And, we ended up in LITERALLY our dream home. Next up, buying investment property and we will definitely be using Michelle!

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