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Steps to De-Clutter Your Home For A Faster Sell

Mar 24, 2015

When you live with it every day your home doesn’t feel cluttered to you. But buyers see a cluttered home that is a disorganized mess, and a reason to move on to the next house. Buyers today are sophisticated. They search online to educate themselves about design. An elegant fireplace won’t stand out to them if it’s cluttered with candles and tchotchkes. Also, a clutter free home is easier to show and will be more impressive to the buyer.  A home that is clutter free gives a seller freedom of not having to make last minute moves stuffing random items into a cabinet right before a Realtor shows up will a prospective buyer.

8 suggestions on how to have a clutter free home:

  • Front Entry: Keep only the most practical items outside, such as a bench or a side table.
  • Living Areas: Cut down on the number of accessories. Wall art and photos limit to 3-4.
  • Kitchen: Remove refrigerator magnets, throw out extra food, leave enough empty space so buyers can see the shelves front to back.
  • Bedrooms: Keep night stands clear except a book or lamp. Do not use extra bedrooms as storage areas.
  • Closets: Should be emptied by a half to a third and shelves should be organized with uniform bins, baskets and hangers. Keep at least ½ inch in between hangers.
  • Bathrooms: Keep counters clear and remove all prescriptions. Toothbrushes and hairstyling tools should be organized neatly. Towels should be stored and new one should be placed out for showings.
  • Attics, basements and garages: Only store what you need in clear labeled bins. If the garage is cluttered the buyer may mistakenly think the house doesn’t have adequate storage.-
  • Outdoors: Curb appeal is essential since buyers make up their minds in the first 60 seconds. However, don’t ignore your back and side yards. Furnish minimally with a table, few chairs and a barbeque. If you have outdoor toys store them neatly in a bin.

If you have any questions about the best way to de-clutter your home, give me a call. I’m here to help!

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