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Sellers Pay Attention To Details – 6 Tips To Help Sell Your Home

May 12, 2015

Tidy Your Closets – All of them. Don’t just shove everything in the guest rooms closet and think the buyers won’t open the doors. They will! One of the first things buyers check out is the storage space in your closets.

Hide Those Cords – Cords are a necessity, but don’t leave them out in the open in a tangled mess. Tuck them away in a beautifully designed piece of furniture. It will make buyers think that they are in a more expensive home.

Hide The Litter Box – This is another necessary item that needs to be tucked away. Simply purchase a lid form your local pet store and you are good to go.

Appliances – Clean the inside of all your appliances. Buyers will open all of them. Better still; hire a cleaning service to tidy up every morning to make sure you home is ready to show.

Doorknobs – Don’t think that the buyers don’t care about doorknobs. They do. They can be replaced for less than $20 per door and will make a huge difference.

We’ve written about some easy ways to make your home ready for successful showings. If you have any questions about how to prepare your home or you are curious about the value of your home –   Give us a call 619.980.2738 or 619.851.4084. We are here to help!

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