It’s All About The Price…

Mar 20, 2015

People talk location, location, and location. While that’s’ important, the truth is it’s all about the price. If you list your home too high, even if your home has the best curb appeal on the block you are really helping sell other homes in your neighborhood that are set at lower price points.

  • Zestimates . Nowadays many sellers refer to Zillow to get a Zestimate of their homes value. While Zillow can be a helpful tool it’s not an accurate way to set your price. The Zillow system is computerized and based off of public records that are sometimes incorrect. There are times when the public records show an incorrect number of bedrooms and bathrooms or the wrong square footage. These errors can lead to completely inaccurate Zestimates.
  • Features. Also, the Zestimates can’t take into account customized features such as; a gourmet kitchen, media room, outdoor dining area and many other upgrades. In essence Zestimates cannot measure the overall condition of the home. Your home is most likely the single most expensive item you sell in your lifetime. Do yourself a favor and do not rely solely on a Zestimate to set the price of your home, it could end up costing you thousands of dollars. Talk to a seasoned Realtor (like myself) to get an accurate price for your home
  • Wishful thinking.  Unfortunately, listing your home for what you want or need to get for it is not the best way to go. The simple fact is that a home is worth exactly what a qualified buyer is willing to pay for.  Over pricing your home will leave money on the table because qualified buyers will dismiss it for being to high.

Don’t sell your neighbor’s house for them by over pricing yours. If a home is overpriced compared to other homes that are on the market, all you are doing is helping sell the other homes because it makes them look like a better value.

If you have any questions about setting an accurate price to sell your home, give me a call. I’d love to help you out.  

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