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Coldwell Banker Again Teams With Adopt-a-Pet.com for ‘Homes for Dogs’ National Adoption Weekend

Aug 29, 2017

“Homes for Dogs” National Campaign

Sept 9th-10th

Coldwell Banker Real Estate LLC and Adopt-a-Pet.com are teaming up for the second annual “Homes for Dogs” National Adoption Weekend, taking place Sept. 9-10, the company recently announced. As part of the event, hundreds of Coldwell Banker affiliates in the U.S. and Canada are expected to host over 500 adoption events in their local communities.

“Three years ago, I couldn’t imagine the impact this campaign has had on the Coldwell Banker community,” says David Marine, senior vice president of Marketing for Coldwell Banker. “We started the ‘Homes for Dogs Project’ with the goal of finding homes for 20,000 dogs, and our network far surpassed our expectations. It has been inspiring to see our brokers and agents bring such enthusiasm to support their local animal shelters.”

“Coldwell Banker understands there’s nothing like the unconditional love of a dog,” says David Meyer, CEO and co-founder of Adopt-a-Pet.com. “That goes hand in hand with our mission to find caring homes for millions of adoptable pets. The ‘Homes for Dogs Project’ is about more than just pet adoption; it’s about bringing communities together.”

The Adoption Weekend is a continuation of the company’s “Homes for Dogs Project,” which began in 2015 and includes “Somebody to Love,” an ad named one of the highest-ranking television ads of all time by Ace Metrix.

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