A New Sign At La Jolla Cove About The Sea Lions & Seals

Apr 3, 2017

La Jolla Cove just got a new related informational sign about the Sea Lions and Seals that live at the Cove. The sign was placed by The City of San Diego, a large poster sporting facts and pictures about seals and sea lions on the fence that surrounds the gorgeous Cove. In addition to ways to tell these sea mammals apart, the new sign encourages visitors to stay “at a distance” from them.

The sign reads – “Can I get closer? No! Seals and sea lions are wild animals. Disturbing hauled out seals or sea lions are considered harassment, which violates federal law and can lead to a citation. Sea lions have also bitten people who get too close or try to snap a photo. For your safety and the safety of the animals, please remain at a distance that does not frighten or disturb them.” Please when you view the Sea Lions and Seals give them space, take pictures but don’t get touch them or get to close.

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