5 Tips To Getting Your Home Sold Quickly

Sep 29, 2016

When you really need to sell your home quickly, there are five key things you can do to help the process along without having a huge impact on the profit.

1. Improve Your Curb Appeal

Curb appeal is ESSENTIAL.  When buyers are touring multiple homes in your area you only have one chance to make a good first impression. Do you want the buyers to drive by, or fall in love with it before they even step inside?  Ask your Realtor to take a critical look at the outside of your home. Analyze it and look at the shortcomings.  Sometimes simple things like a new paint color on the front door and fresh flowers and mulch in the flower beds can drastically improve your curb appeal.

2. Know Your Home’s Unique Selling Point

Do you have a gorgeous ocean view or bay view? Are you located nearby a quaint shopping district?  Is your lot size larger than the homes in the neighborhood?  In a bid to sell your house quickly, you should know what makes your house stand out. Remembering why you got the house in the first place, could be its selling point. What do visitors love most about the house? If you are having a bit of trouble locating your house’s selling point, ask for a professional real estate agent’s help.

 3. Depersonalize Your House

We tell our sellers, you live in your home one way, you sell it another. To put it simply, the more your home resembles a hotel the better.  In order for the prospective buyers to picture themselves in your home, you need to remove and put into storage your family photos, and collectibles.   Keep your home as simple and neutral as possible. De-clutter the cabinets and closets and also get rid of excess trinkets and junk. Make your house clean and welcoming. Keep the canvas blank such that prospective buyers will be able to visualize your home as their dream home.

4. Avoid Bad Odors

Like the Febreze ads say, sometimes we are immune to the odors in our own homes. It’s important to know bad smells could also sabotage your effort of getting your house sold. As much as possible, try and fix the source of every bad odor by

  • Clearing drains and wash bins
  • Allowing enough ventilation
  • Get rid of old cooking smells in the kitchen
  • Get the carpet cleaned.
  • Get rid of old furniture etc.

5. Offer a reasonable Price

We are saving the best tip for last. Choosing the right price is one of the key factors that determine how fast your house gets sold. Some people like to bypass the Realtor believing it would save money in the long run. However, hiring the right Realtor will save you time and money. There are many reasons why you should hire a top Realtor and setting the appropriate and reasonable price is just one of them.

Do not be tempted to start with a very high price just to “test the market” as you might end up turning off serious buyers. An overpriced house could sit on the market for a long time, a situation that might scare potential buyers away. Most buyers, and even agents, will wait to show knowing the price will get reduced or assume that something could be wrong with house.  It’s a much better idea to consider starting with a reasonable price. Than chasing the market down, that way you can open the door for the possibility of multiple offers.

We’ve listed 5 general tips to get your home sold quickly. But that’s just the beginning.  For a detailed analysis on the market value of your home or the San Diego real estate market in general, give us a call 619-980-2738 or click here  We are here to help!

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