5 Tips On How to Price Your Home Right To Sell!

Feb 28, 2015

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Are you thinking of selling your home? If the answer is YES then you will be making one of the biggest decisions in your life! The good news is NOW is a great time to sell your home! Housing inventory is low and buyers that have been waiting are now ready to buy. When a home is priced right, there is a good chance in this market that it will receive multiple offers. Don’t you want that to happen to your home? Besides making sure your home is looking its best, here are five tips to successfully price your home right before it goes on the market.

5 Tips To Pricing Your Home Right

  1. Price – Price will be a determination of how long it will be on the market. If you price it to high it will sit, buyers will not even consider it. A will watch to see if the price goes down. If it is to low, buyers will assume there are issues with the home and avoid looking at it.
  2. Get a Comparable Market Analysis (CMA) – Comparable sales or comps will be a key factor in pricing your home. Reviewing the comps will help you decide how similar homes in your neighborhood are selling. It is important to compare the layout, square footage, bedrooms, baths and outdoor space.
  3. Compare Fairly – Makes sure that you are not over exaggerating the value of an addition or remodel thinking that your home is bigger and better than it actually is.
  4. Market History – Don’t forget to check the market history which will give you a better idea how long homes are on the market in your neighborhood and how fast they are selling or not. Knowing how long a home is on the market and what the final sales price is to the list price will give you a better idea of how to price your home.
  5. Don’t forget renovations – If you made any renovations on your home, the value of your home will be higher than a home that is in original condition. Make sure to consider all improvements that you have made when deciding on a listing price.

If you are thinking of selling your home, give me a call. With over two decades of experience, I can help you list your home at the right price!

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