5 Signs You Have Outgrown Your Home

Jan 16, 2016

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When you were just about to get your driver’s license you had your eye on that sports car. But now your vision of the American Dream is finding the perfect place to settle down and call home. If you have felt cramped lately and find yourself browsing through the pages of Dream Homes Magazine, it might be time for an upgrade.

Here are 5 tell-tale signs you have outgrown your home.

  1. Growing Family –  If you’ve added to your family in recent years, and you may have more bodies than bedrooms and bathrooms, you may want to start shopping around. A two-bedroom home may have been a great idea when it was just you and your spouse, but with two kids and a dog or cat, things could feel just a wee bit cramped. If the morning routine is getting a bit frantic, you may need more elbow room too
  2. Busting at the Seams – From an overflowing toy chest to closets packed so tightly with shoes and coats you risk an avalanche every time you open the door is a good sign that you know your home just doesn’t have the right space to keep all your things. You may have even had to move some things off-site, spending money to rent storage space to keep that antique dining table your grandmother left you or the set of trophies collected during your high school and college years.
  3. No Privacy – You’d love to spend an afternoon soaking in the tub, before the warmth of the water can take you away, there’s a banging on the door of the only bathroom in the house and a chorus of “hurry up” invading your quiet time.
  4. No Room For Extra People Or Things –  When you first moved in, the two-car garage doubled as your woodworking shop. Now, the equipment has been sent to storage to make room for the family’s second car. You’d love to take up organic gardening, but your tiny yard barely has room for a grill and a lawn chair. You’d love to host your friends visiting from out of state, but there is hardly room for their luggage, much less them.
  5. More Financial Freedom –You may of opt for a smaller starter home when you first entered the market because you had a smaller income. Now, thanks to changes in careers or promotions at work, you can afford a home with greater square footage and room for your growing family. Why not find a place that to call home that will provide the space you need for many years of happy memories?

Curious about what is available right now to best suit your family’s needs?

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