San Diego's Grey Whale Migration Share

January 2, 2020

December - April

In San Diego the first signs of winter are not snow flurries, instead they are the spouts of the Grey Whales during their migration down to Baja! San Diego is one of the few places where you can observe the whales in their natural habitat. Seeing them make the great swim south with their calves, breaching (leaping with much of the body out of the water) and spyhopping (raising the head above water to peek around).

Generally 20,000 gray whales parade pass San Diego on their annual 10,000-mile round trip journey from the Bering Sea to the lagoons of Baja California. In Baja the whales typically spend several months in the warm waters to give time for the young calves to grow strong enough to make the journey home in the Spring.

San Diego’s 70 miles of coastline located directly in the gray whale migration path, is an ideal destination to see this impressive parade the gentle giants of the ocean.

To book an excursion visit Birch Aquarium website.

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