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July 29, 2010

wind and sea SMALLAs a La Jolla Realtor when I talk to prospective clients the first question that a seller will ask me is, how long will it take for my house to sell? A buyer might ask, do you think the prices of homes are going to go lower?  The answers to these questions are never easy because there are many factors that can contribute.  Today I’m writing about timing based on the current market and consumer requirements.

 I just sold a home in La Jolla that took my seller four years to decide to sell.  I sold the house in two weeks with multiple offers!! Why? I suggest it was all in the timing. I was able to price the house right for the time or market, and my seller did everything I suggested to get the house sold. He repainted the exterior and interior, replaced the old carpet with new and added new landscaping in the yard. Even in this challenging market I was able to sell his house quickly. True, if he had sold his home four years ago his sale price would have been higher but my seller wasn’t ready, the timing for him was not right.

 Another example of the right timing …  A man and his wife would go out every Sunday and check out the open houses never finding anything or committing to working with an agent.  I met them at an open house and we talked about timing, market conditions in La Jolla, and the fact that NOW is a great time to capitalize on both lower home prices and lower interest rates. I emphasized to them that now is a great time to be a buyer. I sold them a house three weeks later. 

 As I have mentioned before, this isn’t the market in which to “test” your home. You are either a motivated seller, or you are not. What do you want to be? Here are your choices: you are going to “make” the market, “meet” the market or “chase” the market. Which one will it be? The bottom line in selling a house is all about the timing!

 So your timing on selling or buying a home could be now or later but when timing is right please feel free to give me a call or visit my website and I will be glad to help you with your real estate transactions!

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