Can You Feel It? La Jolla’s Real Estate Market Is Starting To Get Stronger! Share

March 29, 2012

If you are La Jolla home buyer can you feel it? La Jolla’s Real Estate market is starting to get stronger! Home Buyers are beginning to find, the homes that they are bidding on have multiple offers! For those of us who are Realtors, La Jolla’s market feels dramatically different than last year’s.

The Market Action Index shows that La Jolla’s median home price has risen to $1,495,000 and the number of properties on the market has dropped to 249. (Less homes for buyers to choose from)


As you can see on the Action Index chart the Median Price is increasing!


If you’re a Buyer, interest rates will undoubtedly start rising and the fees associated with them will definitely go UP! So if you are STILL waiting for La Jolla’s home values to go down further, unfortunately you might have already missed the mark. Last year's Buyers capitalized on what could have been the bottom and next year's Buyers will likely wonder why they didn't purchase in 2012

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